Jean Prounis founded her eponymous brand in 2017 to create thoughtful jewelry with reverence to history. Inspired by her Greek heritage and by the visual language of her great-grandparents’ New York nightclub, the Versailles, Prounis’ designs are an ode to origins. Jean reimagines ancient artifacts, like those she discovered in her bibliophile grandfather’s book collection, as objects that are elegant, wearable, and enduring. Each piece is handwrought in a signature recycled 22-karat gold and finished with sustainably and responsibly sourced gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and corals. Shaped alongside expert craftspeople in Manhattan’s Jewelry District, Prounis’ museum-quality modern heirlooms preserve the integrity of handmade jewelry in New York City. Formed with purpose, Prounis objects accumulate life’s knicks and imprints over the years, becoming part of the wearer’s own legacy.