We're accepting nominations for the 17th annual GEM Awards through June 22, 2018. As the fine jewelry and watch industry’s premier awards gala, the GEM Awards recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies whose work raises the visibility and status of fine jewelry and watches. Those who receive GEM Awards have achieved excellence in their field.

The GEM Awards Nominations Process

You may submit yourself or others for consideration in the GEM Awards categories below through June 22, 2018. All submissions will be judged for their body of work from July 1, 2017 - June 22, 2018.
  • The GEM Awards Committee reviews the qualified individuals and companies that are submitted to determine three GEM Award Nominees in each category.
  • Jewelers of America celebrates and promotes the three selected nominees in each category prior to the GEM Awards gala.
  • After a confidential judging period by industry experts, the winners are revealed live at the GEM Awards ceremony on January 11, 2019.

GEM Award for Jewelry Design

The GEM Award for Jewelry Design will be given to an individual, not a brand. Those eligible are jewelry designers who have an extraordinary design aesthetic and create jewelry that shapes the future of design. The designer may be either well-established or emerging in the jewelry industry.
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GEM Award for Marketing & Communications

The GEM Award for Marketing & Communications will be given to a company or an institution, for excellence in marketing and communications through a consumer strategy that includes: print, broadcast, advertising campaigns, public relations efforts and the resulting editorial coverage, special events, iconic or visionary packaging and collateral, and the cohesive branding message the consuming public regularly receives as a result of the above.
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GEM Award for Media Excellence

The GEM Award for Media Excellence will be given to an individual, not a publication, based on body of work at current and past publications. This award recognizes consistent excellence in quality of reporting on fine jewelry and watches. Those eligible are fashion or accessories editors at national magazines, fashion editors at national or local newspapers, reporters for news services, freelance writers who contribute to one or multiple consumer publications, and broadcast personalities who cover jewelry or watches.
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GEM Award for Retail Excellence

The GEM Award for Retail Excellence will be given to a retailer who specializes in selling fine jewelry and/or watches and uses innovative strategies to create positive change to how jewelry and/or watches are sold. The retailer may be recognized for their excellence in communications, technological advancements, in-store experience, digital applications, or any combination thereof.
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