Sally Morrison, Gemfields
Sally Morrison has been a major force in the evolution of innovative marketing in the fine jewelry category. Sally developed some of the industry’s most iconic marketing and PR campaigns for De Beers, World Gold Council and Gemfields. “A Diamond is Forever,” “Love Gold,” and “Real is Rare,” are some of the memorable, meaningful campaigns that Sally has led over the past fifteen years. Sally has worked throughout her career not only to make fine jewelry appealing to consumers – particularly young consumers – but to provide critical marketing support to fine jewelry suppliers and retailers, as well as young designers. Sally has also made broad and meaningful contributions in spearheading industry action around social responsibility and responsible sourcing across her career.

She began her career communicating meaningful messages and garnering excitement through high-profile marketing and events as vice-president, External Affairs of amfAR, and as a senior vice president of Miramax Films.

In 2002, when she became the Director of the Diamond Information Center at JWT, the marketing agency for De Beers, she re-energized the diamond category through her ability to make an emotional connection with audiences, and her innate understanding of how the spotlight of celebrity can drive consumer enthusiasm for a product. During her time with De Beers – first as Director, then Director-in-Charge at JWT, and Chief Marketing Officer, Forevermark – Sally was instrumental in developing influential marketing campaigns and publicity standards that became a contemporary model for fine jewelry brands. Under Sally’s guidance, De Beers became a presence at events that were cultural touchpoints; she ensured that diamonds were a relevant, requisite part of popular culture.

In 2012, she was appointed the World Gold Council’s Managing Director of Jewellery and Marketing. The launch of re-invigorated the 18- to 30-year-old consumer around the world with an inspiring offering of fine jewelry. In the three years after its launch, the brand built an engaged social community with a global footprint of over one million followers, and created over 150 pieces of exclusive editorial content. In 2016, Sally led the creative development of the “Real is Rare” campaign for the Diamond Producers Association, translating the emotional value and symbolism of diamonds for the millennial generation.

Sally joined Gemfields as Director of Sales and Marketing, Americas, and created heat around precious colored gemstones that translated into editorial and consumer interest. During her tenure at Gemfields, her vibrant collaborations with select designers helped re-introduce responsibly sourced rubies and emeralds to the fine jewelry consumers of today and tomorrow.